Xpress lube – Synthetic Oil

Xpress Lube SERVICE CENTER OPERATED BY LUBE PIT STOP. INC. Synthetic Oil Why Synthetics? All motor oils are made up of base oils and additives. In general, fully synthetic mo-mo- tor oils contain non-conventional, high-performance fluids and a system of additives to help prevent wear. keep an engine clean, flow...

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3 out of 4 Cars Need Service

According to National Oil and Lube News the results of vehicle inspections held at community car care events across the country during Car Care Months in April and October 2012 revealed that 77% of vehicles need service or parts. An annual analysis of vehicle inspections forms found the top three...

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How To Identify Quality Motor Oil

LEARN ABOUT STANDARDS When choosing oil for your vehicle, you should always look or ask for API-licensed oil. API has made it easy to find these oils: licensed oils display one or both of the API motor oil quality marks—the API Service Symbol “Donut” and the Certification Mark “Starburst.” These...

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